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Getting in Shape [Saturday
June 18th, 2011 at 11:59am]
I went for a ride at Arastradero yesterday evening. It was like a Nature special or something. The first trail, Redtail Loop Trail, had a huge snake just lounging in the middle. It was very early in my ride on an uphill part of the trail so I was powering my way up with my head down and almost didn't look up in time, but (luckily for him) I did swerve and miss him.

Later, half way up Woodrat Trail, there was the cutest bunny just sitting in the middle of the trail. He didn't move for the longest time. I was going pretty slow since I was going uphill (and it was later in the ride), and the bunny waited until I was about 10 feet away before hopping into the bushes.

Then, at the top of the same trail, just before you come out of the woods into the field, a huge coyote jumped across the trail right in front of me. Totally freaked me out! Especially because there are signs at the top of the trail banning dogs because of "aggressive territorial coyotes". I love riding up there and it's so close to home.

Oh, here's my new favorite website!! Bay Area Mountain Bike Rides! I want to do them all.
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August 25th, 2010 at 12:58am]
[ mood | amused ]

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March 26th, 2010 at 10:29am]
How many tapeworms could live in your stomach?

Created by Oatmeal

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April 14th, 2009 at 6:51pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Picked up the latest from Silversun Pickups at lunch today. While paying for it, I realized how crazy a 10% tax can be. Oh well, I'm not going to complain because everyone else is and I'm a rebel damn it! Ripped the plastic packaging off it and thought "Nooms" is a really crazy name for a CD. Then I realized I was looking at it upside down. I like it so far.

It's ridiculously windy outside right now. And I'm about to go out for a run. Like I said, "rebel!"

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More protesting! Get used to it! [Monday
November 17th, 2008 at 4:06pm]
[ mood | determined ]

The most interactive blog post evar! Text, pictures, maps, music! This one has it all!Collapse )

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Vote No On Prop 8! (Like I had to tell you!) [Tuesday
November 4th, 2008 at 1:51pm]
[ mood | worried ]

I’ve been volunteering with the "No On Prop 8" campaign and I guess today is my last day. I really hope this ugly, hateful proposition is defeated and never returns.

This morning, bright and early, we were out at polling sites handing out "No On 8" palmcards and asking people to vote No. The place I was sent was here in my own town. It was a large, square, enclosed apartment complex (about the size of a city block) with a large central courtyard. The polling place was in the community center in the central courtyard. There were only two entrances to the courtyard on either side of the complex. So a few of us stayed on the sidewalk on one side while someone else went to the other. California law requires that we stay at least 100 feet from the entrance to the polling place and the since we were outside the courtyard on the street, we were easily 150 or more feet away. No problem, right?

Within 15 minutes of arriving, two very vocal supporters of Prop 8 complained to the polling officials. One of poll officials came out and asked us to move 50 more feet in either direction. Our "poll captain" informed her of the 100 foot rule and she reiterated that we had to move further away because "people were complaining." The one vocal supporter said that the entrance to the polling station was where the sidewalk to the courtyard began and not the door to the polling place, which seemed pretty preposterous to me. He then began taking pictures of us and just generally being an ass.

There were some really great “No” voters who wished us luck and some others who visibly didn’t like us being there. I’m really worried! We need a really strong “No” turnout in liberal areas like the silicon valley to counteract what’s sure to be a strong “Yes” turnout in the central valley and rural areas. I really expected more people to support us. I guess we’ll soon see.

I got off my shift at 10:00 and went to vote myself. As I was leaving my neighborhood on my way to work, I saw a “Yes On 8” sign planted on the side of a public road. Not wanting litter on the side of the road in my neighborhood, I put it in my trunk! :)

I will head back to the polls this evening when I get off work!

Later in the day, a state election official came by and told us that we were fine where we were and that the polling official had no right to tell us to move further away. Yay! Later in the evening, when I was working at the polling location on the corner of Shoreline and California, another state election official came up to us and said, "As a state official, I can't tell you guys 'good job'!"

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Do these look fake? [Monday
November 3rd, 2008 at 4:34pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

That's the subject line of an email I got from photobucket today. Take a look and click on the pic to see where it takes you!

picCollapse )

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I kissed a gummi, and I liked it! [Friday
September 5th, 2008 at 7:51pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

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I am the buildmaster! [Monday
February 11th, 2008 at 6:12pm]
And Zuul just came into my cube and wants another build. It's 6 o'clock and Gozer has better things for me to do than stay here and do build #14. My shit was checked in on build #5. Damn!
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Google News pr0n [Friday
February 8th, 2008 at 1:30pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

I have "transgender" and "transsexual" set as keywords on my Google news page. Wasn't I surprised this morning to find this....
ScreenshotCollapse )

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My New Girlfriend [Monday
December 17th, 2007 at 12:37pm]
This is such fantastic article I had to pass it on.


I have never heard of Cei Bell before this article, but I really wish I had. She seems to be another trans person with a head full of awesomeness.

I came across a couple of really good opinion pieces in the recent past on ENDA and I wish I had somehow bookmarked them because this thing isn't going away. I suspect we'll be arguing this all over again, every year until it gets passed.

(p.s., I obviously stole that title from iphisol)
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Mega Update [Wednesday
December 12th, 2007 at 1:26am]
[ mood | content ]

I’ve been really busy lately so I haven’t posted in a while. Been working on a pretty big project at work. I’ve probably written more code in the last three weeks than the last three months. It’s been challenging and stressful but also invigorating in a way. But here’s what’s been happening for the past month.

P.S. I know that most people don’t read past the second paragraph, so don’t feel obligated to read past this.
Ma'am this!Collapse )
Thanksgiving! (and a pic)Collapse )
To come out at work or not!Collapse )

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Fun with Misogyny [Monday
October 22nd, 2007 at 12:50pm]
[ mood | sarcastic ]

Andy Rooney is sooooo funny! His insight into the obvious is sooooo.... well, insightful. Like last nights bit...


where Andy reviews the book jacket of Suze Orman's Women & Money. His insightful commentary that beautiful women are probably no better with money than homely women has really helped me better understand the intricacies of money management.

Oops! Just realized that my sarcasm volume was inadvertently turned up to 11.

Andy Rooney = Misogynist Ass who makes starvation look humorous.

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A cool bracelet, a wonderful compliment and tasty fries! In that order. [Tuesday
September 11th, 2007 at 12:59am]
[ mood | happy ]

I went to the Art & Wine Festival in my town on Sunday. They block off about 8 blocks of main street and fill it with little booths full of trinkets no one needs. Both sides of the street! So I bought this really cool slide bracelet entitled "Autumn." Muted colors with just enough sparkles.

As I walked around I started getting a little self conscious. On a few occasions, I felt as though a couple of people were staring me down. I was in boy mode with a tank top and a button up shirt. The only actual piece of boy clothing was the shirt, but it was quite baggy and my jeans and shoes were pretty androgynous. As I was looking at a necklace, the lady artist across the table stared at me for 15 or 20 seconds before saying, "You're really pretty! No really, you're very pretty!" I was a bit stunned that anyone would say something like that to a guy, but very happy. I thanked her and bought a key necklace that she named "Leonard."

I then had some parmesan garlic fries. Tasty!

And a few days ago I went to the store to buy some alcopops and the guy carded me. At more than a decade and a half past the legal drinking age and not having been carded in years, I just smiled and whipped it out.

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Waxing Gibbous [Monday
August 20th, 2007 at 11:08pm]
[ mood | fuckin exstatic ]

Much has happened since I last posted. I really wish I could get it together and post more often.

Over the past month, I've been coming out to all my closest friends. A few live close by and I was able to come out in person, and a few others I've had to communicate with over the phone or e-mail. Through this, I've received two of the most awesome e-mails in my entire life and more love than I can put in words. I've gotten nothing but overwhelming love and support. Even my best case scenarios haven't come close to reality.
If you've got nothing better to do...Collapse )

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I saved the best fireworks for after the 4th! [Friday
July 13th, 2007 at 1:15am]
[ mood | relieved ]

So, I'm out! To most of my friends anyways.

I'm pretty freaked out about the whole thing still. I hadn't come out to anyone yet and I hadn't intended to come out for another 6-8 months. I've been on hormones for a year and have been doing as much electrolysis as I can afford. But I still have about 9 months before I'll either have the money or a clear enough face to do FFS. So I was going to wait until 3 or 4 months prior to FFS to come out to friends and family. Looks like that plan is out the window.

Here's the story:Collapse )

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Harry Connick Jr. is Awesome [Saturday
May 26th, 2007 at 7:29pm]
Last night I saw Harry again. I saw him on his last tour in support of his last CD. Last nights concert was called "My New Orleans Tour" and I think some of the profits may be going to help rebuild NO (but I'm not sure). He was awesome. He had a much smaller band with him this time and, as the title suggests, played mostly New Orleans' style jazz. I just love his voice! He doesn't have perfect vocals, but that what makes him so cool. He has a "real" voice (don't ask me to define that because I can't). And he's totally hott too (I've watched the 100 Biggest Weather Moments on the weather channel on several occasions just to see him host). There were numerous screams when he took off his jacket and started dancing. And even louder screams when he shook his ass towards the audience. Since I went in boymode with a few friends (who I'm not out to yet), I had to keep shut so as not to out myself. But it was great just to see him again. Now it's time to pull out a few CD's reminisce.
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Week in review! [Friday
April 20th, 2007 at 10:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This was a bit of a busy week.

Tuesday I had an electro appointment. It went as well as any. I have very sensitive skin and am always noticeably swollen the day after. And I really couldn't skip work this week or work from home on Wednesday because we had a release. Thankfully, most everyone is aware that I'm high maintenance and when they saw my face on Wednesday, they just said, "Allergies, huh?!" To which I replied, "Ya."

Wednesday was a b!tch!. Working in web based software is quite a different beast from traditional software. In some ways it’s much easier because you have total control over your platform. But when you have an error, everyone see's it right away and you start getting phone calls at 6:00 AM. So getting it right the first time is crucial when your business is dealing with Fortune 500 companies data. And the VP called this release the single biggest release of our company's history. So there was major pressure to get it right.

This release was crucial in so many ways. For one, it had already been pushed back by two weeks after I brought up the fact that there was no data syncing plan between two of the new servers. And secondly, this implemented some security requirements that will enable us to get a few new financial institutions as clients (big money was on the line). So we started the release at 5:00 PM and by 9:00 PM we had come across a major bug in the OS of a $20,000 server that was 90% of the reason for this release! We spent the next 4 1/2 hours on the phone with tech support trying to find a resolution to no avail. So we pulled the thing out and dropped in a $7,000 Windoze OS machine with some stripped down features but some I/O upgrades. It worked great, so now we're going to return the other server and get our money back. We ended up working until after 4:00 AM but the post mortem revealed that no unknown bugs or mishaps traceable to our team played a factor. So our VP cleared our portion of the release with 100% satisfaction. Also, I'm pretty proud of myself simply for getting a reputation in my new position as the guy who finds the show stoppers! In each of the three releases I've been involved in since moving to this department, I've found a major show stopper in time to be fixed and before any were seen by clients. Yay for me!

On Thursday I had a doctors appoinment. I got my hormone levels checked and was quite pleased with the result. "E" count was just above 1200 and "T" count was 19. He said I was also slightly anemic so they took some more blood to do more tests. I rarely eat meat, so in the last two days, I've eaten meat for both my meals (I only eat once a day). I was also low on sodium. Another great thing was my doctor didn't make any wierd comments. In the past he had always managed to say something odd or act a little different whenever any TG issues came up. This time he was pleasant and professional. I was thinking I'd have to change doctors, but now I think I'll stay with him. Thursday night saw another brown-out! Not sure what's up with that, but being without Interschnitzel sucks butt! Hopefully they've fixed the issue permanently.

Friday was mostly uneventful. I was planning on taking the day off but ended up going in anyways. At 5:30, just as I was getting ready to head out and meet a friend, one of my bosses came into my cube and said we had to do an immediate patch to a bug that was a known issue. Apparently one of the sales guys was on the phone with the VP all day bitching about it. The QA cluster was down for a few upgrades so we couldn't test properly and before I could bitch and moan, all the senior level decision makers left the building. I was forced to make a few big decisions, which I don't like to do. Release straight to production and do a test there and then roll it back if it fails, or can the whole thing and face the wrath on my cell phone later this weekend? I decided to go for it. We did the patch, tested and told webops to standby for the next 24 hours. So far so good!

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Whoa! Trippy! [Monday
April 16th, 2007 at 8:33pm]
[ mood | weird ]

We're having a brown-out! The electricity just went to less than half power a few minutes ago. I unplugged my laptop to make sure it didn't get wasted by a surge. But it's really weird because the lights just suddenly went to about 1/4 power and looking out the window, it's happening in the whole neighborhood. Even the street lights are either out completely or really dim. Now the lights are very lightly dimming and then returning to 1/4 power. I lit a couple of candles just in case they go out all the way, plus I have a big flashlight/lantern thing.

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Screwed! [Saturday
April 14th, 2007 at 1:07am]
[ mood | screwed ]

This is the only month out of the year that I can make changes to my medical insurance plan through my work. I've been on an HMO plan for the last few years, but now that I've decided to transition, I think a PPO plan would be better. I've been on HRT for 8 months now and have been paying completely out of pocket and it's over $400 a month. I'm paying for this myself because my primary care physician said he didn't feel comfortable dealing with my transgendered medical needs.

So I called my insurance carrier today to find out if they would cover any part of my HRT under the PPO plan. This is a snippet of that conversation.

Me: I'm considering changing my plan and am wondering if a particular treatment I'm currently undergoing will be covered.
Ins: What is the treatment you are currently receiving?
Me: Hormone replacement therapy.
Ins: What kind of hormone?
Me: Estrogen!
Ins: Please hold.
(awful music plays for five minutes)
Ins: Sir!? Is this related to reassignment?
Me: Yes.
Ins: Then no. We can only cover hormone replacement therapy if it is medically necessary.
Me: It is medically necessary.
Ins: Then you'll have to have your primary doctor file a prior authorization from. It will then be reviewed and if approved, then you'll be covered. But it must be deemed medically necessary.
Me: Thanks!

So it seems that the good people at Blue Cross California have created a legal out. Even though California specifically passed a law preventing insurance carriers from discriminating on the basis of gender (Insurance Gender Non-Discrimination Act), they find a way around it. Fuckin brilliant!

I do intend on asking my doctor to file the form, but I'm not holding my breath. My doctor makes a poor attempt at acting "normal" whenever the transgender topic comes up. He's clearly uncomfortable with the whole thing and I'll probably need to find another doctor too.

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